watari開発 – Advent201911 –

watari開発 – Advent201911 –

stage11: twitter developer account申請続き





Thank you for notification.

I’m writing to provide more information about purpose to use twitter api.

1. Main purpose.

An application that I am developing on iOS platform will help travelers to record what their experienced, where they have been etc... like a blog. Then I want to use the Twitter APIs to share the informations which travelers posts to our applications (finally the posts are gathered and output to the information page on website). Our business goal is increasing an amount of travelers, which will get the wider horizon for life by seeing differences. Then, we want to energize to go abroad.

2. About analysis,

First of all, we need to know what kind of contents is shared by many people, also we need to know what kind of contents (text, geo location, time and cost, pictures or movies??) are needed to tell the future potential traveler to start their journey. Therefore we will use the count of likes and retweet. Then, we will check and see the contents manually.

3. About use of the Twitter functionality.

Our application only use tweet functionality, so we use post a text, picture and movie sometimes.

4. About use the Twitter contents out side of Twitter.

Our application will use row level content (not result of aggregation) to show like fixed timeline, for example how journey goes, what happened on the travel and so on. The application will not mixed other users contents, only the application user post are shown in one page to show the details of his travel.







実はこれで終わりではなく、twitter上でappの作成をしないといけない。これまではtwitterのdeveloper accountの作成だったのだ。